Location: Shanghai



1、 The company responsible for the development of important new products;

2、 Technology research development direction of the company's products;

3、 The company projects to help deal with technical difficulties;

4、 Technical Analysis of competitors' products;

5、 Guide young engineers

Job Requirements:

1、 Electronics, automation-related undergraduate degree or above. More than eight years of electronic products, R & D design automation instruments, equipment experience;

2、 Proficient in electronic hardware and software development, circuit design and automation equipment, a good analog circuits, digital circuits and chip design experience

3、 A small signal processing experience, familiar oscillation circuit is preferred.

4、 Good computer basic, proficient use of PCB design software and other commonly used software.

5、 Age: 30-45 years old

Please send your resume, copy of ID card, a copy sent to Shanghai Lang Fu degree sensor manufacturing center.



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